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Our Programs

We offer care for children 2 Years to Kindergarten

Little Voyagers

At Big Adventures Academy our staff is very familiar with the unique needs of our youngest preschoolers and their family. Your child will be educated in a way that keeps them from getting frustrated and keeps them mentally stimulated. Each week the children focus on learning about a letter and all the topics we cover revolve around that letter. They will work on sign language, days of the week, counting, shapes, colors and many other skills that are tailored to the needs of these little ones.. Once these children are developmentally ready or whenever their parents are ready, we start potty training them.

Middle Voyagers

Big Adventures Academy's Middles is here to help get the children ready for kindergarten! We are always working hard to teach your kids the basics of what they need to know as they move through our program and get to their preschool graduation! We work on name recognition, having good manners, listening skills, sign language and many other skills that will benefit the children as they continue in life.  Manners are a large focus at this age group along with learning two-step simple tasks, recognizing their names, different shapes and colors along with the alphabet. These kiddos are learning animal names and sounds as well as counting. 

Big Voyagers

Big Adventures Academy’s Bigs program is full of activities that help prepare these children for Kindergarten. We are always updating toys and the activities we do with the children to help keep them interested and focused. In the preschool room your child will learn with hands-on experience. We cover many topics such as science, art, language, history, and music. The preschool class has special activities year-round. Your child will work on age appropriate stimulating projects in a caring and understanding environment. Each week there is a letter and a theme that is focused on in each classroom. All the projects covered in the classroom revolve around those letters and themes. Most of the projects your child will be doing will involve life skills such as feelings, sharing, tying our shoes, and many more. Your child will learn about the world around them in this setting and how they fit into it. We will encourage them to learn at their own pace and do our best to prepare them for Kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is a top priority in our Preschool Program.

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