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Our Programs

We offer care for children 6 weeks to Kindergarten


Our travelers program has two main priorities; safety and care. It is our goal to help your baby move through some of their most important milestones in a safe and nurturing environment. Your child is working on some basic functions and we are so excited to be part of that! As your child grows, we will help them learn new skills and reward all accomplishments with love and lots of snuggles! Attached you will see what our daily classroom schedule looks like for our travelers program.

In the Wayfinders program we strive to help each child learn at their own pace and in their own way. From holding up their little heads to taking their first big steps and everything in between, we will do anything we can to help your child achieve these milestones. It is our goal to help your child learn how to walk, eat from a bowl or plate, use silverware, and drink from a sippy cup before they move into the Wanderer Room. We will also teach your child to identify some of the basic body parts, respond to their name, and be part of group activities


As your child enters the young toddler room, they are transitioning into a new chapter where they are trying to grow in their independence but are still unsure of their role in the world. These children are going through a lot of changes and that comes with a lot of emotions and curiosities. It can be a fun but difficult time in every child’s life. Our teachers put extra effort into navigating this period in your child's life. The children's days are carefully portioned out into an appropriate amount of structure and playtime.

At Big Adventures Academy our staff is very familiar with the unique needs of a toddler and their family. Your child will be educated in a way that keeps them from getting frustrated and keeps them mentally stimulated. Each week the children focus on learning about a letter and all the topics we cover revolve around that letter. They will work on sign language, days of the week, counting, shapes, colors and many other skills that are tailored to the needs of a Toddler. Attached you will see the daily schedule for the Pathfinders Program.


Big Adventures Academy's Pioneer Program is here to help get the children ready for the Explorers Program! We are always working hard to teach your kids the basics of what they need to know as they move through these classrooms. We work on name recognition, having good manners, listening skills, sign language and many other skills that will benefit the children as they continue in life. This classroom is where we teach a majority of our potty training habits. Please see the attached daily schedule for the Pioneer Program.

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